The Evermoors

 Once a marshy area rife with trolls, temples of cruel gods and other dangers, the Evermoors have seen only scant settlement for long centuries. The only permanent residents of the civilised races were elves inhabiting the edges of the region. The area served as a barrier to trade between Silverymoon and the cities of the Sea of Fallen Stars to the east, and Waterdeep and other cities of the Sword Coast to the west.

 At the apex of its power in 1038 DR, The Lords' Alliance, with Silverymoon and Waterdeep at its core, supported several adventuring parties in their efforts to cleanse the region and establish a viable trade route through it. Having vanquished the Troll King Garra'gluk Dragon-Bone, one of those adventuring parties, The Merry Murder, exceeded all expectations and proceeded to divide the region between themselves.

Those heroes eventually became the founders of the city-states which now make up the Evermoors. Though at first they numbered five, the number went down to four when Nulbaraz was razed by an orc army in 1220 DR and its lands with subsequently divided between Raydale and Blackwatch, and then to three when Noressa was incorporated into Raydale in 1421 DR. 

Today Raydale stands as the largest and most populous of the three remaining states, with Aressa and Raydale itself as its two main population centers. Blackwatch and Bryn Shader are smaller, but better positioned to benefit from the trade between Waterdeep and Silverymoon which is the lifeblood of the region.

The major threats to the region are threefold. Although the orc tribes of Broken Arrow are curently at peace with the lands to the south, there is no telling how long this will last – and there is every possibility that the death of the current Warlord might see him replaced with a successor eager to prove his might on the field of battle. The region has all but recovered from the last orcish invasion of 1372 DR, but the memory of that dark time has hardly faded.

Equally, a conflict within the Evermoors is not unlikely. The once-brotherly armies have been at war before, most recently in 1358 DR a lighting conflict between Bryn Shader and Raydale, which saw the Ales Awent ap Bryn, Iron Duke of Bryn Shader, raze and pillage the outer districts of the latter city, leading to a swift peace settlement. Although relations have improved since, none have forgotten what happened.

At the same time, Blackwatch has entered into a military alliance with Yartar and Triboar to the south as recently as 1488 DR. Seeing how that area has been free of serious military threats for a few decades, some doubt the official explanation for the move as being rooted in a desire to improve security on the trade routes between the three nations, and secure them from outward aggression.  

Overall, the Evermoors are a bustling, still-growing region with a good amount of natural resources, particularly a soil particularly suited to growing large quantities of many kinds of crops. Although its production of domestic goods is paltry due to intense competition from Waterdeep and Silverymoon, the trade running through the region makes up for it, creating an affluent, diverse and ever-changing homeland for hundreds of thousands of people. 


Legend: Orange = Bryn Shader territory, with the circle being the city itself, square being Lyne, triangle being Voorhiven. Blue = Rydale. Purple = Aressa. Red = Blackwatch. 

The Evermoors

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