Population: 670

Location: Centered around a hill amongst the plains of north-eastern Evermoors, some twenty five miles south of High Hold and River Rauvin. A small tributary of the Rauvin, called Laran, is located a few hundred paces from the edge of town to the east, and runs south to north. Coniferous woods flank the town from the north and north-west, but most of the terrain is plains and hills crisscrossed by numerous small streams and dotted with lakes. 

Inhabitants: Mostly human, around a tenth elves and half-elves.

Economy: Largely agrarian, with some crafted goods offered for trade. The main crops are potatoes, parsley, blueberries, apples and garlic. The town's craftsmen provide good quality footwear and wooden wagons for sale and trade. Hunters and gatherers supply the village with alpine strawberries, as well as meat and hide from deer. Fishermen provide a small but steady supply of freshwater fish, mostly manyfins and szorp.

GovernmentA council of resident landowners decides most matters pertinent to the town. A sheriff manages law and order. The ultimate authority is Lady Alfwen of Lyne Castle, Baroness of Lyne, but she does not reside in Voorhiven. 

Security: The town keeps up a rotation of an adult watchman with a few younger boys as helpers. If threatened, the town can mobilise a lightly armed militia. Aldwic Gaderian, the sheriff, is the only salaried lawman. 

Services: A tavern ('The Broken Arrow'), a cobbler, farrier, blacksmith, brownsmith, tailor, leatherworker, mason and carpenter.

Religion: A large, well-kept shrine maintained by Sarra, a Priestess of Chauntea, and her three apprentices – Eryeth Mylne, Alin Reeve and Gauwalt Angrorweth. While the shrine serves all gods, symbols and offerings of Chauntea are most common, followed by those of Gond, Kelemvor and Amaunator. 


The village of Voorhiven and River Laran running through it. Also visible is Sheriff Aldwic Gaderian on his patrol.


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