Out of the Abyss

The story so far
A brief summary of your mighty deeds

Having been captured by drow in a variety of circumstances, you were taken to Velynvelve, an outpost meant for, amongst other things, processing slaves before they are sent to Menzoberranzan. Recognising that allowing yourself to be sent to the drow city would be very unwise indeed, you staged a violent breakout. 

Alongside Shushaar, Jimjar, Sarith, Derendil, Eldeth and Ront you made your way northwards, on the way looting the tomb of Brysis of Khaem, banishing her spectre and recovering the legendary sword Dawnbringer. On the way, Derendil departed to party to rejoin The Society of Brilliance and Shushaar remained at the kuo-toa town of Sloopludop after you have freed him from a hostile cult. 

After crossing Darklake you arrived at the the deep gnome city of Blingdenstone, which you were told controls a passage to the surface. After helping the gnomes negotiate with were-rats and after you dealt with the medusa and earth primodial stalking an abandoned part of the city, you were hailed as the gnomes' heroes and escorted to the surface – but not before defeating one final drow ambush.

Once on the surface,  you were briefly allowed to stay in the dwarven settlement of Mithral Hall at Eldeth's insistence. Her father was grateful to you for returning her to him, but that didn't stop him from making a request – should your travels take you to Bryn Shader, he would like you to check on the agents of his trade company, with whom he lost contact some weeks before. 

Your travel to Bryn Shader, located in the Evermoors between Waterdeep and Silverymoon, was interrupted during your stay at the small village of Voorhiven. Raiders loyal to Lord Greywall attacked the settlement, prompting you to defend it and scatter them as well as capture their leader, Sir Ryder. With the captured knight and many of his soldiers, you made your way to Lyne, the seat of the local Baroness, Lady Alfwen. 

Eager to utilise your talents, Lady Alfwen welcomed you in her castle, and soon had you on another task – tracking down lost craftsmen who were abducted without a trace near the village of Hommlet. Soon you have found your way to an abandoned Temple of Myrkul – abandoned, that is, but for the hobgoblins that were looting it. Your investigation within revealed that the hobgoblins were serving The Hunger, a Death Kiss beholder in turn serving another entity referred to as The Flawless One. What their designs were exactly is not clear, but they have used some of the captured men to work on the dungeon, creating traps and the beginnings of a labyrinth, while sending others and much of the treasure elsewhere, through a teleportation circle. 

Having vanquished The Hunger, you returned to Lyne, where, on Lady Alfwen's invitation, you have the winter training and recuperating from the demands of adventuring life. Now you are ready to set forth again, with Bryn Shader as your objective. 


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