Sir Urien

Commander of Lyne militia


Aged in his early fifties, Sir Urien is built like a bear, well in keeping with his youthful reputation as a champion pugilist. With a boom voice and confident manner, he is not someone you easily ignore.


Lady Alfwen is the third Lady of Lyne that Sir Urien has served. When still a squire, he owed fealty to Alfwen’s grandmother. In his youth, it was Lady Deless he swore an oath to. When Deless passed away eight years ago, and Lady Alfwen was recalled from abroad to take on her duties as Baroness, he has elected to remain and carry her banner, too.

Experienced, pragmatic and well-respected throughout Lyne, Sir Urien has done a lot to make Alfwen’s transition into rulership easier, and it is clear he always has her ear. However, he has no interest in or particular understanding of the finer details of running a barony. A veteran soldier, warfare is all he knows, and he puts his talents to use endlessly drilling the local militia into something resembling a fighting force.

Sir Urien

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